Shop for Kids & Babies

Please email us with your order, specifying the number associated with your preference. Most items are one of a kind but don't hesitate to ask in case we have multiples.

For kids:

Sparrow  Dolls
Each is uniquely made and comes with adoption papers

Crocheted Hats

Paracord Bracelets

Binder Covers

Plush Scottie Dog
$7 each

Gingham Dog and Calico Cat
Includes Poem

Hair Bows

Doll Outfit
Fits 18 inch doll

Baseball Bracelets
Made from a real baseball seam

Cardinals Bracelets

Crocheted Hat and Scarf

Fleece Scarves


Tote Bags

For babies:

Sensory Squares/Baby Blocks
$5 each

Crocheted Hat and Vest


Dress Up Veil